Bitcoin after Twitter Hack

What the scammers tried after hijacking Twitter into the accounts of official influencers was to invite people to send them bitcoins by promising to pay them back twice. The messages, which have been largely erased, have appeared in the accounts of many high-level users.

However, despite all this uncertainty, interest in Bitcoin is still alive. Even though Bitcoin is not to blame for being used as part of the hacker strategy, it is obviously affected. In fact, a few moments after what happened with Twitter, the price of the main cryptocurrency in the market dropped, and although we cannot guarantee that was the reason, it is speculated to be the main one. because of its falling prices.

But, when it comes to the interest behind Bitcoin, it has managed to rebound and increase in the past few days, even after the Twitter hack.

13 Bitcoins entered after Twitter hack

Hackers hacked Wednesday, among other things, the Twitter accounts of billionaires Bill Gates and Elon Musk or former US President Barack Obama for a scam that offered payments with Bitcoin.

Hackers have posted similar messages offering to double the money users enter Bitcoin in a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. In about 13 hours, nearly 13 BTC entered.

“I give back to the community! All Bitcoin entered at the following address will be returned in duplicate! If you send $ 1,000, I will reimburse you $ 2,000. I will only do this for 30 minutes. “, which monitors cryptocurrency transactions, said that some 12.58 bitcoins, equivalent to around $ 116,000, had been sent to the email address mentioned in the fraud tweets.

On the other hand, although the damage to Twitter will likely end up costing the company several million dollars. Finally, the monetary gains of the scammers were minimal.

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