ChainLink (LINK) continues unstoppable and sets historical record

For those who don’t know, ChainLink is a decentralized network that aims to connect smart contracts with real-world data. LINK, meanwhile, is the native cryptocurrency of the decentralized ChainLink network, and is used to pay node operators.

Similarly, ChainLink is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between smart contracts based on Blockchain technology (broadcast by Ethereum) and real-world applications.

LINK’s rise and its new record

If we look at the ChainLink price chart, we will see how it has evolved over the years, but especially in the last few days. At the time of this writing, LINK is changing hands for $ 8.33, which translates to a 13.81% growth.

With all of this good news, ChainLink is also ranking among the top 10 cryptocurrencies today. Additionally, it is now available on Coinbase, making it more popular and accessible to more people.

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