Jimmy Song: Ideals are Bitcoin’s advantage over fiat

Ideals pit Bitcoin against fiat money

There is no better example of the force of ideals behind Bitcoin than the ancient history of cryptocurrency. Well, before reaching a price of several thousand dollars, there was already a community dedicated to Blockchain technology and Satoshi Nakamoto’s coin.

This group of developers and crypto enthusiasts first believed in the future of Bitcoin. This is primarily due to the ideals that backed the cryptocurrency in exchange for a fiat currency. Values ​​such as decentralization, freedom and privacy have been identified, and still remain to this day, as fundamental to Blockchain.

And although with the passage of time, new users entered the crypto market, they moved for other reasons besides these first ideals. Values ​​that affect the core of Blockchain technology continue to be, for crypto influence Jimmy Song, Bitcoin’s main advantage over traditional fiat money.

“The reasons for adopting #Bitcoin are much more humble than hard core ideals. That does not mean that ideals are not necessary. Ideals are what give a #Bitcoin the moral advantage over fiat money and will ultimately lead to Victory”.

So, by Jimmy Song, what makes Bitcoin special are specifically those ideals upon which the encryption community was built. That, even if they are not shared by all cryptocurrency users in the world. It is the shield that makes them so resistant against the fiat.

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