The dollar starts the week with a negative trend

The dollar begins the week with a negative performance. After a drop in its pace last week in the Forex market, because the dollar does not improve its performance.

The saint’s global crisis had effects on the US currency never before seen by investors. Well, after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the dollar becomes an investor’s paradise.

Bad start to the week for the dollar

Last week was loaded with bad news for the dollar. Well, it remained low after a tense calm in the Forex market. And now, with the rise in currencies that investors previously viewed as risky, the dollar appears to be on an increasingly complicated climb path.

The US dollar fell on Monday when investors analyzed the results of domestic companies and retail data to come out. In this way, they assess whether the optimism maintained about the country’s economic prospects is justified.

Furthermore, as the relevant indices that measure the internal returns of the economies of the different countries were published, the US currency suffered more and more blows. Well, uncertainty is increasing in the Forex market for the green currency.

The index that measures the dollar against a basket of six other major currencies, which often serves as a refuge for investors seeking high-quality assets during volatile markets, fell 0.31% in morning trade from North America .

On Friday, the dollar ended its third week of losses, when investors bought risk-sensitive currencies, betting that the worst of the pandemic had already passed.

Since then, in other countries that have currencies listed on the Forex market, they have managed to control the Coronavirus, unlike the United States, which has not yet managed to cope with the ravages.

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