Which Blockchain projects are more likely to be successful in the future?

1- Bet Binance Blockchain: BNB

We were unable to open our ranking with a project other than Binance Coin (BNB), the stock market cryptocurrency that recently served three years in the market. During which it managed to position itself as one of the most important virtual currencies in the world, occupying ninth place in the CoinMarketCap cryptoactive ranking.

2- The Ripple and Santander project: One Pay FX

The second project with great potential for future success is One Pay FX. An application based on Blockchain technology, jointly developed by Ripple and Banco Santander, to optimize the process of sending Fiat money across borders.

Therefore, One Pay FX would be a mechanism made available to Santander users to send money to different countries. To make this process more efficient, simultaneously reducing the execution time of cross-border transactions and the commissions that must be paid for their execution.

3- The browser of the future: Brave Browser

Finally, we close this ranking of Blockchain projects with the greatest chances of success, with a browser that has been in the news in recent days. We refer to Brave Browser, the browser that tries to forever revolutionize the Internet business model.

And, Brave Browser turns its attention to one of the weaknesses of the main technology companies: the security of user data. Therefore, by using Brave, the company guarantees that your data is not used to bombard you with advertising or by third parties for even more obscure reasons.

In this way, the benefits of Brave Browser would come mainly from a collaborative model with its users. Where they are allowed to choose whether they want to see advertising, and the amount of advertising that will appear on the screen. Share the benefits with browser users through your own cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT).

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